Efficient Drive Technology for Many Applications
ABM Greiffenberger at the CeMAT 2018
Efficient Drive Technology for Many Applications

ABM Greiffenberger will use the CeMAT 2018 in Hannover (April 23 to 27) to present to an international clientele its comprehensive portfolio of powerful drive systems for a multitude of applications in the areas of material handling and intralogistics. The bevel-gearbox TDB230/254 Kombi and the parallel, hollow shaft gearbox FGA172/173 are part of the innovations shown in Hall 26 at booth D10. These compact drives operate efficiently and provide users distinct advantages with their long service time.

A product introduction of ABM Greiffenberger for material handling applications is the new bevel-gearbox TDB230/254 Kombi. This unit excels with an increased output torque, quiet running and a long service life and is perfect for building vehicle platforms of material handling trucks. Manual or electric steering can optionally be selected. The TDB230/254 Kombi is flexible and designed for wheel diameters of 230 mm as well as 254 mm. In addition it can also be supplied in fully integrated form in combination with a steering drive and redundant steering monitoring directly at the driven wheel.
Systems integration at the highest level: the TDB230/254 Kombi can be integrated into trucks with wheel diameters of 230 mm as well as 254 mm.

Specifically for the use in e-mobility ABM develops and builds robust AC induction motors that operated reliably with constant high output. They come with optimum air cooling and can be operated over a large speed range. In drive cycle they convince with outstanding efficiency. The motors are rated at 30 kW but can provide short term up to 60 kW. The maximum output torque is up to 350 Nm and a top speed of 8,000 RPM is possible.
Due to high power density and optimized air cooling this motor achieves outstanding efficiency.

For the first time ABM Greiffenberger presents the new hoist drive units of the GHX-series. They exhibit a high degree of efficiency, are durable as well as powerful and reliable. Compared to previous hoist gear drives the new series expand the possible range of use with larger center to center distances and longer service life. The new GHX 63 allows the installation of wire rope drums with a diameter of up to 270 mm and the GHX 125 even up to 325 mm increasing the design flexibility for crane builders. In addition to hoist drives and motors, travel drives from ABM Greiffenberger combine to ready to mount system solutions. Travel and trolley drives are available as helical/straight shaft gearbox (G-Series), parallel/hollow shaft gearbox (FGA-Series) and now new as angular gearbox (KG-Series) versions, all with integrated safety brakes. They assure vibrationless movement of loads.
The new hoist drive unit GHX 125 from ABM Greiffenberger is designed for FEM 2m – doubling its service life.

In the area of intralogistics the new parallel shaft gear FGA 172/173 from ABM Greiffenberger scores points: It has been especially developed for use in materials handling technology, e.g. as a drive in chain conveyors, conveyor belts, rotary tables and vertical conveyors and can continuously transmit torques of up to 170 Nm. High-grade helical teeth enable reliable and energy-efficient operation as well as low noise levels. With a multitude of mounting options users have great installation flexibility. The gearbox can be mounted laterally or with various flanges or can be used as a slip-on gear with torque support. It is also well suited not only for intralogistics but also as a crane travel drive.
The FGA 172/173 meets the high demands for intralogistics conveyor systems as well as crane travel drives.

ABM Greiffenberger expanded its range of energy-efficient Sinochron® motors by IEC frame sizes 80 and 100 with a maximum output of up to 13 kW. They are characterized by high power densities and efficiencies. This can be advantageous in partial-load - the majority of range drive units are operated in intralogistics applications. The full torque available by the motor is solely used for short periods for the initial moving of the load; afterwards the typical demands are reduced to a range of 20 to 30 percent of the rated output. This is precisely where ABM SINOCHRON® motors provide users substantial process advantages: Their efficiency is more than twice compared to standard asynchronous motors under partial-load. This is made possible by a continuously excited synchronous motor which operates with practically no rotor losses.
ABM SINOCHRON® Motors stand out amongst other benefits with high efficiency and reliability.

The range of displayed products is completed by ABM Geared Motors equipped with INVEOR inverters from KOSTAL. They are the ideal combination to meet the increased market requirements at energy efficient drive technology. Through the cooperation of ABM and KOSTAL users receive powerful system solutions that can be installed in a multitude of intralogistics applications.
All ABM-Motors – AC induction and SINOCHRON® – are optimally tuned with their inverter. In combination they provide energy efficient drive systems with high savings potential.